For as far back as eighteen months, the tech world has been recouping from Amazon’s amazement declaration of the Echo. Presently, Google is at last doing what everyone needed it to do. It’s called Google Home, and it’s coming out soon and with a very low price.


Mario Queiroz is the official behind the undertaking. His title, VP of item administration, is the sort you hear a great deal. Yet, you know him better as the man who has propelled the main genuinely effective family room item Google has ever dispatched: Chromecast.

You can consider Home his next demonstration. It’s basically what you’d expect in the event that you were searching for Google to make an Echo contender. It’s a little speaker you connect to the divider with continually tuning in, far-field mouthpieces that can hear you from over the room. It’ll answer your inquiries, play your music, and control some of your home robotization devices. To hear Queiroz let it know, the Home will be better at the vast majority of those things than the Echo.


More than anything, Home represents Google’s answer to Amazon’s competing voice assistant Alexa and the myriad number of devices and services Alexa runs on and connects to. In a video released today, Google laid out how it imagines people will communicate with its software to do everything from play music in the morning and check the weather to changing dinner reservations and sending texts.

Google Home will also serve as your IoT hub, linking all of those connected household devices like lights, camera, thermostats, small appliances and more. You can also swap out the base to better match your decor, but the LEDs that provide a visual status update will remain on the bottom of the speaker. Home gives you access to Google Assistant as well, allowing you to ask follow-up questions until you get the answers you’re after. It will also browse your schedule to give you an idea of what your day looks like as you’re heading out the door.
Here are few videos of Google Home in action.


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